Nutrients – Different Bridges (Album Review)


Band: Nutrients
Album: Different Bridges
Release Date: August 5, 2022
Genre: Indie Rock

Different Bridges is the sophomore release from Toronto-based band Nutrients.

Musically the album is a positive one; it manages to infuse jingly jangly guitars with hopeful optimism. Made during the pandemic, the album is full of love letters to everything taken for granted, like air travel, parties, and even meeting new people.

As Vocalist Taylor Teeple describes

It had become clear that the pandemic wasn’t going to end anytime soon, and that the band was going to have to make their new record at home or not make it all.”

The tracks feature hopeful but melancholic upbeat ditties designed to not only be uplifting but also to know oneself as everyone has to reevaluate feelings we have had in the last two years. Songs like “House Fire Painting” and “Nauseous” feature elements of lounge jazz with swaying guitar lines and keyboard swells that will put you in the most comforting position to lay back and take a drink from your creamy coconut margarita.

A stand-out track for me was “I,” a smooth guitar and keyboard-heavy track detailing when you meet someone if they would stick out to you in a sea of voices “I like the sound of your voice when you remember my name.” Is this an acquaintance? Possibly a crush noting if they feel the same way.

Overall this release is a delightful chill romp that is great for any occasion, be it on the deck, pool, or just a casual hangout with friends there is something here for everyone.

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