Victoria Anthony shares music video for “Stupid Kid”

Victoria Anthony

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Vancouver, BC-based pop artist Victoria Anthony is back with a brand new single, “Stupid Kid,” the sixth single she’s released since June 2021.

Victoria takes an unvarnished and unfiltered look at growing up under the glare of the spotlight and the pressures that often come with it. Possessing an insight and maturity that extends well beyond her 16 years, “Stupid Kid” offers a lyrical depth and directness that has quickly become Victoria’s calling card.

Opening with the provocative refrain of “I get why people get high…,” Victoria tackles the song’s subject matter with authority while evoking the spirit of trailblazing artists such as Alanis Morrissette and Avril Lavigne.

Written by Victoria and producer Ryan Worsley, the song comes from a place of compassion for those who are trying to balance the highs and lows of performing and just looking for someone to understand.

The music video for “Stupid Kid.” written and co-directed by Victoria and long-time collaborator Anna Baker, conveys the range of uncertainty that underlines the lyrics. At the same time, Anthony’s on-screen delivery of genuine, raw emotion lends gravitas to the track.

On the cusp of what is arguably the biggest turning point in the singer’s career to date, “Stupid Kid” strikes cords capable of resonating with listeners of all ages and is sure to be of profound significance for Victoria Anthony’s burgeoning pop-star status.

Watch the video for “Stupid Kid” below, and find out more about Victoria Anthony via our interview.

Hi Victoria, welcome back to Canadian Beats. The subject matter of your new single, “Stupid Kid,” is something artists your age don’t usually tackle. What inspired you to write the track?

I wrote “Stupid Kid” during a time when I wasn’t doing well in my personal life. It was inspired by a moment where I was “crying in the car ride home” from a music video shoot. I was balancing coming down from such a high of performing and being on set all day with returning to my day-to-day, which was depressing and lonely. I had the thought, “I get why people get high.” Not because I was planning to do drugs, but because I felt what it was like to crash. I was lucky enough to still have a strong support system within my family and found healthy ways to cope with such dramatic ups and downs.

You started your music career at a very young age, and it’s been non-stop for you since you started. What kind of career pressures do you feel on a day-to-day basis? And how do you normally unwind/escape the pressures associated with being a recording artist?

I have a lot of anxiety associated with social media, especially TikTok. There is pressure to make shocking videos to promote engagement. Often, this engagement comes in the form of hate comments. I find it difficult to balance making promotional content, being myself, and protecting my mental health on the app. I really enjoy making content that’s natural to me, and sometimes that does well, but even with tons of good responses, mean comments sting. As a recording artist nowadays, social media is the main measurement of success. I try to escape the pressures of social media by taking breaks when needed and posting what’s true to me. Confidence is definitely key when it comes to existing authentically online.

What’s a normal day for you?

In summer, a normal day includes making breakfast for myself and my family, making content for social media, often songwriting, and hanging out with friends. Once school starts, most of that stays the same, but we just add a full regular school day into the mix. The schedule gets packed really quickly!

How do you think this single differs musically from your previous releases?

“Stupid Kid” is a guitar-driven, pop-punk-inspired emotional banger. It combines deep lyrics with a unique take on a controversial subject with a piercing chorus. This song is so special to me, and it’s a personal favourite to perform live.

This is the sixth music video you have written and co-directed. Pretty impressive for someone just turning 17! Why is important for you to be involved in the creation of your music videos? And what can you tell us about this video?

I co-directed the “Stupid Kid” music video with Anna Baker. It’s important to me to take creative and video direction on my videos because they stem from my brain. I combine my ideas with the most talented people I know, and we make magic. I think an idea is best executed when I can tie it together from its creation to the final product. My name will be on it, so I take the opportunity to learn and collaborate with the best. This music video is full of symbolism. We have two main scenes: the couch and the stage. In the couch scene, I am alone with a spotlight on my face, in a space where it seems a party was recently thrown. Neon pink solo cups are scattered on the ground as I throw myself toward the camera, creating a sense of urgency. In the stage scene, I perform as if I am in front of one hundred people, but I am once again alone: no band, no audience, nobody. The two scenes connect the meaning of the song. The loneliness felt on the couch, surrounded by the pressures of growing up, is mirrored by the loneliness felt on the stage, with the realization that the highs can’t last forever.

You recently toured the US with Hey Violet. What can you tell us about the tour?

Touring with Hey Violet was incredible. Their fans were so much fun, singing along, dancing, and partying their hearts out. It was so cool getting to meet so many people who love music just as much as I do. The shows were a blast every night. I got to perform, do my set, and then got to watch Hey Violet!! It was such a treat every night. I can’t wait to be back out on the road again!!

There are so many different aspects to being a recording artist. Which part do you love most – writing, recording, or touring?

I love writing, recording, and touring so much it kills me to make this choice, but I will go with writing. There is something about starting something new that can be so rewarding. You know when you have something good. There’s nothing quite like listening to the demo at the end of a session and knowing that you made magic. I love the process: spilling my whole personal life to anyone in the room (even people just popping in for a visit!), writing 100 melody variations and scratching almost all of them, laying down scratch vocals, editing lyrics, and then finally getting a new song baby! It’s so mentally exhausting but so worth it when it’s a good one. In fact, for songs like “Stupid Kid,” it can be like therapy.

What have been your greatest career moment(s), at least so far anyway?

On my most recent tour with Hey Violet, I saw a few people in the audience every show mouthing the words to my songs. The first time it happened, I was so excited. I kept pointing at this woman, so proud and happy, as she sang the lyrics to my song “Dirty Lipstick.” Seeing real people know and sing the lyrics that I wrote in my bedroom have been my greatest career moment so far. I hope this is a trend that continues.

Can you name a few artists who you think are underrated right now?

Some of my favourite artists right now with new music out are Sabrina Carpenter, Mathew V, Steve Lacy, and Noah Kahan. These artists already have quite the name for themselves, but they deserve all the love.

What’s next for you? Can you tell us about your plans for the rest of the year?

I have new releases coming this year, as well as a project dropping in early 2023. I am entering my last year of high school, so I’m definitely savouring that all up. In the meantime, I have lots of writing, recording, and shows planned. I’m super pumped about my opening for Set It Off at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on September 25th! I can’t wait to perform “Stupid Kid!”

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