Zach’s Picks of the Week – August 1, 2022 to August 6, 2022

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Zach Coopz brings you his Picks of the Week for the first week of August

Good day, afternoon, evening, or whenever you’re watching or tuning in. Welcome back to Music Mondays here on Canadian Beats. I am your host, Zach Coopz, here to bring you my week’s top picks from our website. Appropriately nicknamed “Zach’s Picks Of The Week,” you’ll be able to find each of these articles linked down below in this post. But we always have amazing new content that’s dropping every day, thanks to our authors! So please show them some love after you check out this week’s Picks of the Week. I have clips of each of my choices coming up right now in this video. I hope you like my Picks, but let’s get into it!


So up first on this week’s choices will be our Five Questions with Waterloo-based five-piece pop-punk band Among Legends.

They recently unveiled the video for the latest single, “Magnolia,” which is coming off of their debut album, Take Good Care. It is available everywhere you want to take in music, streaming sites, and whatnot. However, singer Mitchell Buchanan said this about the latest single. “I’ve never bought into the version of breakups that we usually see in movies or hear in songs. The dramatic, messy, one person is clearly to blame, but “Magnolia” looks at the bittersweet version of a relationship ending – the idea that sometimes people simply grow apart, even when they’re good together.”

Head to our website and check out our latest interview with Among Legends for the release of their video here.


Alright, my next spot for my top choices of the week takes us to meet Toronto duo The Happy Campers, consisting of superproducer Chris Birkett and his wife, video director Joan Prowse. Together they serve up a roaring rock-blues track that captures all the nastiness of a lake cottage gone wrong. The new track is called “Icky Cottage Blues,” and you can find it now on any streaming site. Pounding drum beats, waving guitars, and wild, careening rhythm is just a backdrop to this tale of a disastrous cottage vacation. The video features cameos from all kinds of critters, including mice, bats, and even rats. You can check out the full music video in the article on our website for the release of “Icky Cottage Blues.” You can find the link to that article here.


The third pick for this week is Montreal-based punk/hard-core band Twenty2. They’ve recently unveiled their album, Dismissed, to all music sites, so go and check out all thirteen incredible songs. This album was co-written together by their singer Jon H., and he reached out to one of his musical influences, Luke Pabich of Good Riddance. Together they wrote it over FaceTime while isolated from each other and the rest of the world. After about six months, it looked like they had brought together an exciting new project for Twenty2. Be sure to go and check out the album in our latest five questions with Twenty2 here


Moving onto our second top spot, we will meet up again with Wakefield-based alt-rockers, Rebelle. They recently unveiled their single, “Head On Fire,” to all streaming platforms. This track calls to take a stand for yourself and reject toxic relationships, wherever they may appear. It calls out any individual for their games, declaring that the light will shine through their lies and expose them. “Head On Fire” was recorded during the most frustrating and incredibly chaotic period of March 2020. The incredible producer Anton Delost helped to bring the new single to life. But this will be their electrifying and most assertive track, showing their strength and talent. You can listen to this new single in the article we posted for its release here


This week‘s final pick will be Toronto-based metal band POLARITY, bringing together a technical sonic showcase of whaling guitars and complex drum patterns. The latest single for “Destruction Of Memory” conveys observations in a world where history continues to be determined by explorative forces. It is also available now on all streaming platforms, and they released a live version recorded in Jukasa Studios. This was only one of three red-hot releases scheduled for this summer. Keep an eye out for those new songs when they drop. One producer, David Botrill, called their new music “theatrical engineered soundscape that acts as a visceral commentary on the human condition.” Check out what he’s talking about in our article for the latest single, “Distraction Of Memory,” plus a mini interview with POLARITY here

Those will be my Picks Of The Week, and I hope you enjoyed all or even a few of them. There is always more to discover on our website every day, so head on over! All kinds of things are featured here, including concert coverage, singles & album reviews, and lots of interviews too. I will bring you my next installment on the 22nd, after my little vacation to Alberta. Show you what I did then, but please enjoy all of the amazing music featured this week and on our website!! I also hope you all have an amazing week, and it is filled with smiles and maybe some sunshine. PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC, EVERYONE!!

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