Marshall Potts shares new single, “Heaven or Home”

heaven or home

Marshall Potts strives for healing on his hit “Heaven Or Home”

Canadian Americana rocker Marshall Potts – seen this month as part of Maclean’s feature story on the B.C. wildfires here – is up to the task of trying in his thunderous new hit single, “Heaven Or Home.”

Fresh from his 10-track 2022 LP release, The Storm, and complete with lush guitars and a roaring stadium sound, “Heaven Or Home” is about an inward journey of intense self-discovery:

Follow your heart it will lead you there
Take a trip inside
Take this time to become aware
Take this time to decide

It’s the story of Potts’ waking up to his soul’s purpose.

“‘Heaven Or Home’ shares the process of taking the time out of my busy life to look inside and see where I’ve been and where I’m going.” he shares. “To take stock of my life and analyze the reason I’m even here and how the experiences have molded my belief systems.”

Most of us, once we reach middle adulthood, have some traumas and metaphorical (or literal) scars, and tending to those was part of Potts’ process as well:

“My aim was to reconnect to the original child inside before life took control away from the dreamer and fear stole the feeling that all things are possible.”

Watch the lyric video for “Heaven or Home” below, and stay connected with Marshall Potts via his socials.

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