Zach Oliver shares new single, “Coat Check”

Zach Oliver

Zach Oliver releases summer single “Coat Check” in time for impending heat waves 

Canadian alt-pop artist Zach Oliver has unveiled his newest single is a fresh glass of spiked lemonade under the hot summer sun. Featuring a sweet story of summer love, “Coat Check” is the perfect addition to your summer jam playlists.

“Coat Check” is a tale of summer love fueled by the innocence and charm that inspires love at first sight. The picture-perfect storytelling in “Coat Check” is woven into the highs and lows of Zach Oliver’s mellow production style; smooth synth pads and teasing drum cadence lures the listener into the track. Within a moment’s notice, the music picks up, and the intensity becomes clear, hyperbolic of the daze that sets over our young protagonist as his confidence slips away and he makes eye contact with “her.”

Zach Oliver reflects on the story he was looking to tell, saying,

“It’s the classic love at first sight story about having no idea what to do next or how the person captivates you. You already know they’re so much cooler than everyone else in the bar without even talking to them.”

Inspired by the beaches of Toronto, Zach Oliver figured the warm summer days of July would be the perfect time to release the heated banger he collaborated on with friends Keegan Beach and Damian Birdsey.

“We honestly were so excited that summer was on its way, and really wanted to set that scene of you and your pals going out for a laugh in the middle of July — and falling in love with a girl at the bar,” Oliver says about the excitement to create the perfect setting for a magical evening when writing “Coat Check.”

Watch the video for “Coat Check” below, and stay connected with Zach Oliver via his Instagram.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! I am Zach Oliver – singer/songwriter. I was born in England but moved to Canada with my family when I was young and have been living in Toronto for the last few years. I like cooking, watching footy (soccer), hanging with pals and family, and writing songs.

What’s the best part of living in Toronto?

I’d say the best part of living in Toronto is the food. We’re lucky enough to have such a diverse variety of cultures here, so we really do have foods from all regions of the world. As someone who likes to try different things, it excites me to be able to go out and indulge in so many unique places to eat while seeing different parts of the city.

What’s your go-to activity when it’s hot and sunny outside?

I live in the beaches in Toronto, so on a hot day, I love to go down to the beach with some pals and have a drink and play some beach volleyball. Always down to get active, and it’s much better in the sun with some friends.

Who was the first artist to knock you sideways?

I think the first artist to knock me sideways was Coldplay. I remember listening to their album “Parachutes” for the first time when I was really young and had never been so totally consumed by music before – the songwriting, the overall journey the album took me on, sonically, how it made me feel so many emotions that I don’t think I had ever felt. I could listen to them on long car rides and be taken away to a place that I think really was the start of my love for music.

What’s the one album by a Canadian artist that everyone should have in their collection?

Other than Michael Buble’s Christmas album? (Haha, I joke, but that’s a heavy hitter) This is a tough question because there are so many. But for me, it has to be “Sometimes” by Dallas Green. This was the first album I loved by a Canadian artist and quite literally wore the CD out from playing it repeatedly. The lyricism is absolutely beautiful, and some of the acoustic licks throughout the songs are captivating. It’s a top-to-bottom crazy work of art, and Dallas Green is one of my all-time favourite songwriters. I remember a time when all I wanted was to make an album like that and have someone connect to it as deeply as I did to “Sometimes.”

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