Jojo Worthington – Baptized I (Album Review)

Jojo Worthington

Artist: Jojo Worthington
Album: Baptized I
Release Date: July 28, 2022
Genre: Alternative Folk

Baptized I is the latest release from Montreal-based artist Jojo Worthington.

As an album, it is an emotional one. The tracks range from minimalistic one minute to super heavy the next like everything is going as smoothly as can be, then there is a glitch in the programming. Examples of this include the tracks “Birthday” and “The Divide.”

“Birthday” is this nice minimalistic ditty with sweet innocent vocals about finding our first love after having a strong friendship “Hush now, I’m here as a friend / And I’m sorry for what’s been happening / But I know that we’re kindred through the bends / Cause we know love never ends” whereas “The Divide” is where everything goes wrong it is the beginning of the end of the relationship. The heavy guitars and drums convey the violence towards the end of it between two human beings “I can feel the drift between us / You and me and the divide / My hands are reaching out to you.”

A stand-out track for me is “Win Butler.” Musically it’s a slow pace in the intro to a fast indie pop rock tune detailing all the things the protagonist wants to try in life but is tired of everything bringing them down in their life and just trying to find their win.

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