PREMIERE – Fynyx Nation unveils new single, “God Only Knows”

Fynyx Nation

Fynyx Nation shares the lead single, “God Only Knows,” from his upcoming EP, The ColdRoom

Vancouver, BC-based Fynyx Nation is the brainchild of Adrian Essiet’s innovative and free spirit. Adrian was born in Nigeria and raised both in Nigeria and Canada; it’s this duality that fuels his drive to blend worlds together while constantly reinventing his artistry by incorporating different musical genres into an irresistibly decadent display of unforgettable songs that move you.

“God Only Knows” is the lead single from Fynyx Nation’s upcoming EP release, The ColdRoom, which explores a fresh sound with a new understanding of who he is as an artist. Fynyx Nation brings all the fun of disco, alternative pop, and synth-wave energy as the backdrop for infectious melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

“‘God Only Knows’ explores themes of uncertainty, hopes and dreams in an 80s-tinged synth vibe tune,” says Adrian. “Dark yet hopeful, nostalgic yet current. A sneaky buildup that satisfies you along its ride.”

The single officially releases tomorrow, July 29, 2022, but readers at Canadian Beats are getting an exclusive first listen! Don’t you feel lucky?


“God Only Knows” starts strong and stays strong throughout. With an intense, pop/ electronic beat, and fast-paced vocals, it’s an upbeat track reminiscent of a track from the 80s, with a modern twist.

You can feel his passion as the beat and lyrics pull you in, and before long, you’ll find your head bopping and the lyrics pouring out in no time.

At first, I wanted to compare his sound to that of The Weeknd, but as the song played through, I realized his sound is unique; there’s no need to compare, so I’ll simply say, if you want an upbeat, addictive track to add on your favourite playlist, this is that track.

Listen to “God Only Knows” below, and stay up to date with Fynyx Nation via his socials.

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