Hunter Sheridan – “Northern Lights” (Single Review)

Hunter Sheridan

Hunter Sheridan releases new indie pop-tinged single, “Northern Lights”

Canadian singer-songwriter Hunter Sheridan recently unveiled his single, “Northern Lights,” which offers something different from his usual sound. The single is a collaboration with Toronto-based producer Yeghia Kibalian, combining Hunter’s emotional and dynamic vocals with Yeghia’s producing style.

Hunter shares,

“Northern Lights’ is about looking back on the good times of a previous relationship and wanting to get them back. The song highlights letting go of hard feelings and past arguments to find your way to the beauty that started the romance in the first place.”


I’ve previously covered Hunter Sheridan and have always enjoyed his indie folk sound. When I began listening to “Northern Lights,” I expected just that, but I was surprised with a unique new sound.

“Northern Lights” starts out much like previous singles, such as “Without a Sound.” Hunter’s vocals are immediately the shining star. The beat continuously grows in the background, and suddenly the beat morphs into something else all together! The track brings forth a pop/ electronic vibe that I couldn’t get enough of.

Throughout the track, the highlight for me was Hunter’s vocals and the emotional lyrics reflecting on the good memories of a previous relationship and yearning for them once again. It’s a feeling that we’ve all had at one time or another, and I’m sure many can relate to it.

Listen to “Northern Lights” below, and stay up to date with Hunter Sheridan via his socials.

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