Ashley Woodruff – “Sweet Like Candy” (Single Review)

Ashley Woodruff

Ashley Woodruff is back with the upbeat new track, “Sweet Like Candy”

Sudbury, ON-based pop/ adult contemporary artist Ashley Woodruff has unveiled her latest single, “Sweet Like Candy.”

The single follows her previously released album, Distanced, and her two singles, “Looking Back” and “The Feeling.”


The newest single, “Sweet Like Candy,” from Ashley Woodruff, starts with an almost trance-like, hypnotic tone, quickly switching to an upbeat, slightly electronic pop sound.

Ashley’s vocals radiate strength and passion. The lyrics speak at times of her cotton candy world (her sweet side) and of inviting someone into that world. The song evokes the feelings of not wanting their time together to end, and when you’re not with them, thinking of them and hoping they feel the same way.

Throughout the song, there’s a dream-like chime that gives the track that hypnotic sound that I spoke of before. It leads me to think that the song is taking place in a dream world or that the experience is like a dream.

So, if you feel like heading on a dream-like journey into a cotton candy world, this song is for you.

Listen to “Sweet Like Candy” below, and be sure to add it to your newest playlist!

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