Kalsey Kulyk – “Big Deal” (Single Review)

Kalsey Kulyk

Kalsey Kulyk’s magnetic new track, “Big Deal,” marks the first release for the Canadian songstress in 2022

Canadian country artist Kalsey Kulyk recently unveiled her new single, “Big Deal.”

Penned by Kulyk with Rocky Block and Jeff Garrison, and produced by Bart McKay, the addictive new song, backed by a high-energy groove, details the feeling of the simplest things in a relationship feeling larger than life.

“With this single, I really wanted to show the world of country music another side of my artistry that I usually save for live performances – which is my carefree, fun side,” shares Kulyk. “‘Big Deal’ is one of those songs that makes you want to get up and dance and have fun, which is what we all need more of – especially after these past two years!”  


The new single, “Big Deal,” which was released by Kalsey Kulyk last month, is an upbeat country track with a pop twist.

The vibe and vocals of the song immediately scream party, a track that will get you up and dancing, whether with friends at a concert or alone in your living room.

The chorus is perfect for singalongs at a live show or maybe just in the car on a long road trip; either way, I know you’ll be singing along.

Songs about relationships are a great addition to any artist’s repertoire as so many listeners can relate. This track is no different. I’m positive many of us feel as though our partner is the best of the best, the perfect match for you, and that no one else can compare. I certainly feel this way about my husband.

What are you waiting for? Listen to “Big Deal” below, and add it to your newest playlist!

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