Zach’s Picks of the Week – July 25, 2022 to July 30, 2022


Music Monday is back again with Zach’s Picks of the Week

It looks like a great day for new music. Welcome to this week’s list of Zach’s Picks Of The Week. My hand-picked favourite articles or artists that were featured on our website. You can see many more amazing new music and concert coverage just by visiting our socials. But we’re here to showcase some fantastic new music to you amazing music fans! You’ll get a taste of each song and artist through this week’s video posted below. You will also be able to find the links to each article below each description that I have in this article. So let’s get started on a beautiful music Monday with Zach’s Picks Of The Week. Who’s ready to rock!?


First up, I will introduce you to Oshawa-based hip-hop artist Sonny Hendrixx. He teamed up with fellow Ontario rapper, Daxflow on his new single “Damn.” The release is best summed up as an aggressive track. Sonny Hendrixx and Daxflow use throat-cutting delivery woven into powerful reality checks with each listener’s experience. While these two performers have been in the game for a while, it isn’t lost on them that the music world around them is changing. However, they stay true to their roots, delivering a listening experience that pays homage to the classics and the new age. Check out the brand-new video for “Damn” by Sonny Hendrixx and Daxflowhere here.


The Toronto-based rock band Harm and Ease is our next spot in this week’s choices. They made it on here with the release of the latest EP, Camino Loco, via Cosmocat Records. It’s available now on all your favourite streaming platforms. The title of this new EP is translated to “Crazy Road,” signifying the whirlwind journey that the band has traveled. The record also features previous release singles like “Cut Me Loose” and “Lemonade.” Be sure to go and check out the full EP here.


Taking third place this week is singer-songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer, Sarah Shafey. She’s back with her latest single coming off her forthcoming album, Blackbox Universe, out September 23. This single is entitled “Caught Out The Door,” and you can be sure to find it on any of your favourite streaming platforms and added to your favourite playlist. Sarah is shifting genre gears from what she showed us in her last single, “Pick Up The Phone,” moving away from the electropop feel of her last couple of singles to a high-energy, alternative rock zone and drawing influences from bands such as Pearl Jam, The Cranberries, and Soundgarden. This commanding rock anthem is about feeling rejected, letting it out in a cathartic release, and moving on. Enjoy this new track from Sarah Shafey here.


Taking our second top spot of the week, they’ve been featured a few times on our website. Hamilton-based alternative duo Burn The Louvre has returned with another fantastic new track. They are returning with their sixth single off their debut LP, Silhouettes, which will be out in the near future. This new single is called “Hey Stacey” but has no relation to “Stacy’s Mom.” Singer Jordan Speare explains that the song was about a close friend named “Stacey,” of course. Ironically, about how she hates it when everyone she meets for the first time immediately makes the joke referencing Fountains Of Wayne’s hit single. You can find this incredible new song on all your favourite streaming platforms, so add it today. Check out the article for the release of “Hey Stacey” here.


Our final spot in this week‘s top pics of my week brings us to Alliston-based alt-rocker by the name of Grant Boyer. He’s captured all the feelings that we get the morning after a night of heavy drinking. The new single is called “Alarm Bells (Never Drinking Again),” so go find it on all your favourite music sites now. It’s a wild romp through a night of partying and panic the next day. Sam Samiak produced the corresponding music video. It cuts back and forth between the party scene, the band playing, and the landlord walking up to the door to ring the bell, a crazy group of friends partying and drinking straight from the bottle. It’s a terrific video worth checking out in our article here.

Well, I hope my recommendations were to your listening pleasure this week. Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to pick your own on our website through our other excellent articles. These have been Zach’s Picks Of The Week. Please be sure to show your love to all of these artists, and I’ll be back next Music Monday with a whole batch of new suggestions coming from our website. I hope you have a fantastic week, full of positive vibes and smiles all around. I’ve been your host Zach Coopz, and I’ll see you in the next one. PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC, EVERYONE!!

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