James Barker Band unveils another summer hit, “Rain All Summer”

James Barker

On July 15, just as they finished their 25-show, cross-Canada tour as part of the Some Things Never Change tour and heading into festival season, multi-award-winning, PLATINUM-selling James Barker Band (JBB) surprised fans with the release of a romantic new track, “Rain All Summer.” Written by JBB frontman James Barker, Travis Wood, Casey Brown, and Jordan Minton (Keith Urban, Dan & Shay), this warm and loving song gives couples a reason to get out of the summer heat to lay and sizzle in bed all summer long. This single is sure to be the soundtrack for every midsummer romance.

Barker is known for his cheeky wordplay with lyrics. This tune is no different –– Who cares if the sun ain’t shining/let it storm, let it pour, I don’t mind if it keeps you and me tangled up in these sheets we’re under – “Rain All Summer” gives everyone, including those who are emotionally reserved, the tools to let their partner know how they feel about them.

Download or stream “Rain All Summer” here.

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