Alex Hughes shares new single, “Tee Time”

Alex Hughes

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Calgary’s Alex Hughes is back with her latest single, Tee Time

Alex Hughes, a rising Canadian country-pop artist, known for her catchy guitar hooks and relatable lyrics, developed the song with CCMA and JUNO Award-nominated production team Justin Kudding and Spencer Cheyne — telling the cheeky story of a significant other that spends just a little too much time on the golf course and not enough time at home.

Hughes has co-written over 50 songs with songwriters in Nashville, Chicago, Calgary, and even the United Kingdom, and she’s taking her craft to the next level, becoming more involved in the production side of her music. With a CMAA nomination and a finalist spot for the 2021 Project WILD Country Artist Development Program under her belt, Hughes is showing she’s a force to be reckoned with.

We caught up with the emerging country star to learn more about her co-writing experience, her latest single, and if there’s another EP in the works.

The pandemic significantly affected musicians, especially up-and-coming and independent artists. What did this experience teach you about yourself as a songwriter/musician?

The pandemic unexpectedly lit a fire in me. I think the downtime helped me do a lot of reflecting and planning, and much of that work is what I’m executing now. I learned that I’m willing to get creative to achieve my goals. I spent a lot of time teaching myself how to record my own vocals, a skill that has been incredibly helpful moving forward working with producers and something I’m really glad I had time to do. I also learned the value of friends and family and not taking that for granted. I am much more intentional about balancing my career and relationships, which only makes me a stronger artist.

You’ve co-written dozens of songs already in your career — what is that experience like for you, writing and collaborating on songs with songwriters from all over the country?

I absolutely love to co-write. It’s a huge asset to be able to lean into other writers’ strengths and offer yours in search of the most well-written song. Over the pandemic, I was able to write with writers from Nashville, Chicago, and even the UK, and that was really special. The digital format of songwriting became really normalized which has been great for me. I’m most comfortable getting creative and vulnerable while writing in my sweatpants at home with a full pot of coffee.

Let’s talk about “Tee Time,” which is such a fun, catchy track. Give us the backstory behind writing and putting that song together.

Thanks so much for the kind words about “Tee Time”! This song was written with my friends and fellow Canadian Country artists Lydia Sutherland and Aaron Pollock. We were on a Zoom call, and I said I really wanted to write a song about golf. They were understandably confused, but as soon as I explained why the ideas started rolling, we had the song within a few hours. The lyrics are something I relate to all too well, and I really hope there are many others out there who can relate to the feeling of wishing golf season was just a little shorter so they could enjoy more quality time with their partner.

Is there an EP in the works, or are you just focusing on the next single? What can fans expect from future Alex Hughes music?

There is an EP slowly but surely in the works! I have one more single to release in the fall, and then I will be back in the studio. I’m hoping to be able to announce a full EP release for the Spring of next year.

Finally, what’s your favourite part about being a woman in country music?

I love being a woman in country music because I am surrounded by other amazing and talented women who inspire me daily. Alberta has a very supportive music scene, and I feel grateful to be connected to so many women who push boundaries by even just pursuing a career in this male-dominated industry.

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