Vivek Mehmi shares new single, “Around Your Finger”

Vivek Mehmi

Vivek Mehmi unveils video for brand new single, “Around Your Finger”

Vivek Mehmi has done much self-reflective and inner healing work over the last eight years. Where he was once lost, he has now found his direction in his music, and since then, he has used it to express his hardships in an artistic yet healing way. He is now ready to heal the relationships that have impacted him the most. Good or bad, he will face these parts of his life unapologetically and transparently, his heart on his sleeve and his soul laid bare.

Vivek understands that the lessons from each relationship can teach him who he was, who he is, and ultimately, who he will become.

The pattern of failed relationships, the loss of a loved one, the promise of potential sailing away. The elusive what if. Vivek knows the cycle has to and will be broken. These themes of hope and loss spawned the inspiration for Vivek’s newest EP, the aptly named Relation Ships.

The EP is broken down into individual singles, with the first song, “Around Your Finger,” released on July 15, 2022. The EP is scattered with themes of codependency, abandonment, the need to people please, and finally, the resounding voice of self-love.

Despite the heavier subjects, Vivek approached his first single on a lighthearted tone. “Around Your Finger” is quirky yet upbeat. It crosses many genres, tapping into R&B, Neo-Soul, Funk, and Alternative Hip Hop while drawing inspiration from 80’s synths and horns reminiscent of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance!’ and Hall and Oates’s “I can’t go for that.” Vivek’s unique vocals dance on the track. His words bounce off the instrumental, reflecting his energy while the beat leaves listeners nodding their heads to what is undoubtedly a very fun song. The visuals in the music video fit perfectly with the ‘Relation Ships’ theme. They take you on a journey from calm waters, to a thunderstorm, to the peaceful waves of accepting a new reality.

Watch the video for “Around Your Finger” below, and stay up to date with Vivek Mehmi via his socials.

Vivek will be performing tracks from his upcoming Relation⛵️Ships release, including “Around Your Finger” at The Humble & Hungry LIVE at the Amphitheatre show on September 23rd at Mississauga Celebration Square, Amphitheatre at 7 pm. More details here.

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