Sam Baardman unveils new single, “Hard Out There”

Sam Baardman

Sam Baardman shares first single from upcoming album, “Hard Out There”

The first single from Sam Baardman’s upcoming album, (Marsh Radio release Aug 2022), “Hard Out There” is out now.  “Hard Out There” is a crackling song about living in a world where there’s nowhere to hide.  In the suffocating gaze, goggle, and gawk of a world that’s watching, we’re all getting poked in the public eye.  No matter who you are, it is hard to be “out there,” doing your thing, living your truth, or just trying to get by.

Sam Baardman is a singer-songwriter and visual artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  His music reflects a searching, inquisitive spirit, expressing compelling truths about our deepest questions and our most difficult challenges.  Coaxing surprising images out of common situations, Sam’s music resonates with fans who appreciate his lyrical depth and superb, singable melodies.  The songs travel across a broad range of human experience, from small, intimate moments—a phone call between friends—to global conflicts—environmental catastrophe or cultural equity—infusing every situation with poetic urgency.  Backed by understated yet intricate guitar work, he offers up songs that speak to the heart. It’s no surprise that the Winnipeg Free Press described him as “one of the city’s strongest and most literate songwriters.”

“Hard Out There” was recorded at Paintbox Recording in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was produced by local legend Lloyd Peterson.  Sam is currently gearing up to release his new full-length album, “Marsh Radio,” a lyrical and musical tour-de-force recorded during the pandemic’s grip.  In the middle of all that stress and pressure, recording the album was a welcome creative outlet for Sam and for all the musicians who contributed.  Marsh Radio is due out in early August 2022.

See a live performance of “Hard Out There” here.

Listen to “Hard Out There” below, and stay up to date with Sam Baardman via his socials.

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