Paige Warner shares new single, “Right Thing”

Paige Warner

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Paige Warner unveils the teasing new single, “Right Thing”

Ontario’s Paige Warner has unveiled her new single, “Right Thing.”

“Right Thing” is a tease, just like its characters. The simple opening guitar and vocals may lead one to think this could be a pop ballad. However, when the chorus hits, the whole song is instantly drowned in a smooth blues-rock whiskey (or whiskey on the blues-rocks, if you fancy a drink). But somehow, “Right Thing” fits perfectly into Warner’s ever-evolving sound.

Paige shares,

“I never imagined this song being programmed to have clean-cut edges. I always envisioned it having the imperfections of humanity and rawness to match the lyrical content. Raw passion expressed, not really knowing what everything will look like in the end, but expressing it nonetheless.”

“Right Thing” was produced by Craig Smith, near Warner’s hometown in Grey County, Ontario. With a chorus that hints at soul and blues-rock, ballad-friendly verses and a bridge that was born to perform with flashing lights and rocking guitarists, Right Thing is bound to make a splash in Canadian music.

With over 60,000 combined listens on Spotify alone, Paige’s recent singles have drawn love from media and listeners alike, and “Right Thing” will be no different.

Listen to “Right Thing” below, and stay connected with Paige Warner via her socials.

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