Halifax Jazz Festival – Day 4 – IN PHOTOS

Jazz 1

All Photo Credit: Norma Young

Halifax Jazz Festival
Day 4: July 16, 2022
with Alex Cuba & Molly Johnson

I never had more delight than watching Alex Cuba and Molly Johnson!

Grammy-award winner Alex Cuba opened up the night with some amazing music that had the crowd wanting on course.

The headliner, Molly Johnson, was absolutely radiant as she sang her soulful songs on the stage to a roaring, anticipating crowd. Please note, Molly had the best seafoam green sequins pants that she needed everybody to know she had made just for us.

Alex Cuba

Jazz 7

Jazz 8

Jazz 10

Jazz 9

Jazz 11

Molly Johnson

Jazz 2

Jazz 5

Jazz 6

Jazz 3

Jazz 4

For more photos from Halifax Jazz Festival, check out our Facebook album!

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