Burn the Louvre shares new single, “Hey Stacey”


Burn the Louvre bring all the pop-punk feels with their new single, “Hey Stacey”

If you’re an avid reader of Canadian Beats, you’ve no doubt heard of Hamilton’s Burn the Louvre and their previous releases, “Lost With You,” “Driving In The Rain,” “Alison,” and “Nice Guy.”

They’re back with the sixth single from their debut LP, Silhouettes, “Hey Stacey.”

Lead singer Jordan Speare shares the story behind this one:

“I wrote “Hey Stacey” for a friend of mine named Stacey, of course,” explained Speare, “she had told me when we first met, how she hates that whenever she’d meet new people and she’d tell them her name, they would immediately make a joke referencing that Fountains Of Wayne song, “Stacy’s Mom.” She used to say, “it’s not funny and my name isn’t even spelled that way!” I thought that was hilarious, so I decided to write her a song that is just for her, with her name spelled correctly, of course.”

Listen to “Hey Stacey” below, and stay up to date with Burn the Louvre via their socials.

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