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Zach’s Picks of the Week is back with five recommendations for you

Greetings readers. Welcome to our fantastic website for the best in Canadian music this week. I am your host Zach Coopz, bringing you my top five favourite articles that our incredible authors posted. This segment on our website is known as “Zach’s Picks Of The Week” and also Happy Music Monday. We’re going to start with number five and finish with number one in the end. I will tell you about these articles I believe you should visit through the links posted below. I’ve got a few clips from each song in this week’s video, which you can watch just below this post. So let’s get right into this brand new list of new music from Canadian Beats.


Well, starting things off here at my fifth spot of the week, we are introducing the return of 2022’s CMA Ontario duo/group of the year, The Abrams. They come back with their first single in nearly three years, a bluegrass-infused track called “Something New.”

After taking home their CMA award, they also finished a successful run of shows in the UK and sold out a theatre crowd in their hometown of Kingston. This upcoming album will be a collection of brand-new sounds from The Abrams. We can expect that out there this summer. However, you can listen to their new single, “Something New,” in the article on our website. Please go and check out their new single online, and the lyric video link is here.


Taking the next spot in this week‘s choices is a half Canadian & half American rock band. I’m talking about WILDSTREET, which has two members living in Montreal while the others live in New York. It probably makes it challenging to be on time for rehearsal. However, they have recently unveiled the new single, “Say Goodbye,” via Golden Robot Records. Capturing the spirit of all great 90s ballads, it was written and produced by Todd Long (Ghosts Of Sunset). WILDSTREET has been going at it since 2006 but took a short two-year break, only to return stronger than ever in 2016 and carrying on until now. It looks like they show no signs of stopping with their third album in the works, so keep your eyes out for that. But you can also visit our article where you can learn more about WILDSTREET and their new single, “Say Goodbye,” right here.


Next on our list, we will check out the debut EP from Vancouver-based Chinese-Canadian artist Serena Sun. The EP is called Shadows on the Ceiling and is available now on all streaming platforms, so go check it out. The EP is, as per the artist’s namesake, a healthy spot of sunshine. However, the album tends to focus on a darker topic of past trauma, specifically relationship trauma. Our author, Migs Lava, gave her full review of “Shadows on the Ceiling.” You can check out the article on our website and listen to all of the songs on the EP, including my personal favourite, “For the Hell of It,” which we featured in the video for this week. But this is the link to the review for “Shadows on the Ceiling” by Serena Sun, conducted by Migs Lava right here.


We will be heading out to Sudbury, Ontario, where we will meet with the female-fronted band Good Effort. Whose summertime rock anthem, “Come On,” is available on all streaming platforms, and you can find the lyric video on our website. The track will surely bring out nostalgic feelings with a modern twist. They formed in the city of rock back in the summer of 2020, bringing together musicians with various musical influences. We recently conducted a Five Questions With segment with Good Effort. In that same article, you can find the lyric video for “Come On” the link to both of those is right here.


In our final spot, we have the outstanding singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aaron John. In April, he unveiled his debut single, “Fresh,” to all streaming platforms. It is an uplifting anthem that fills the airwaves with powerful positivity after a difficult few years. Its upbeat, fun sound pairs perfectly with Aaron’s smooth vocals. I recommend this track if anyone is having a hard time out there, as it invokes positivity and thoughtful lyrics. You should check out the lyric video in the article we posted here.

Those are going to be all of the week’s picks that I could collect for you. So I hope you found something to listen to and your coming week. As always, you can check out the rest of our website for more amazing content posted. Our authors are always working very hard and covering the best that Canada has to offer. Plus, you can find plenty more different segments on our website, including, In Photo coverage of all the amazing festivals happening right now. You can see that all on our website, so please visit us.

I will see you next Monday with a whole new batch of incredible, new music coming your way. However, I hope you have The best week coming up, and as always, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC, EVERYONE!

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