Bree Whitworth shares new single, “Dear Mr. Mannequin”

Bree Whitworth

Bree Whitworth works with Zach Wolf on her new single, “Dear Mr. Mannequin”

Bree Whitworth has shared her newest single “Dear Mr. Mannequin.” The atmospheric pop banger is about detachment in an oversaturated and constantly stimulating world.

“I just thought about what it would be like to be emotionless and really plastic or fake all the way through.” Bree Whitworth explains. “How people might judge you
because of that and how it just takes one person to care and to try to make that person feel anything at all … possibly to my detriment, but still worth trying.” 

Interestingly, “Dear Mr. Mannequin” was built completely over Zoom chats Bree had with producer Zach Wolf in Portland, Oregon—who has worked on projects for Maroon 5, Adele, etc.

“He actually reached out to me on Instagram after hearing my single ‘Time’ and suggested we work on a single together. So we started working on this first track earlier in 2022. The process was so easy and seamless that we decided to go ahead and produce a five song EP as well,” Bree says.

With its tinge of darkened ’80s nostalgia, “Dear Mr. Mannequin” is destined for the club scene. Bree is also looking at releasing another single, again produced by Wolf, in August.

Listen to “Dear Mr. Mannequin” below, and stay up to date with Bree Whitworth via her socials.

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