Rachel Cousins shares her new single, “For Myself”

Rachel Cousins

Rachel Cousins dazzles with her new “For Myself” single

Multi-award nominated St. John’s, NFLD pop sensation Rachel Cousins dazzles with a resonant new song about moving through the unpredictability of life and finding your happy place with the courageous new single “For Myself.”

An infectiously catchy anthem about self-love, “For Myself” is the eclectic new single from Cousins’ expertly crafted third studio album AURA, which has been making waves since its release earlier this year.

As Cousins persevered through several personal obstacles during the pandemic, the themes surrounding AURA revealed themselves.

“These songs show a soft side, a vulnerable side, a fearlessness, and a side that has grown stronger,” says Cousins.

The sonic direction of the album is as joyous in its rhythmic arrangement as it is inspired by the positivity of new beginnings.

For Rachel, it’s all about using her art to encourage personal growth and independence. “It speaks about looking after yourself and self-care. Not needing anyone else to fulfill or complete you.” As uplifting sounds were employed, Cousins ensured the lessons learned in her own life were embedded in the lyrics of “For Myself” to empower listeners.

“And you know I know I be stepping out
And you know I know that’s what I been about
Love can come and it can go
I still love myself I know
That’s the reason it don’t matter”

The process for recording AURA began before the pandemic gripped the world in early 2020.

“Then things changed, the world changed, and I changed.” The latest album is the result of Cousins’ artistic resilience in the face of trials and tribulations with the mission of seeing the journey through. As Cousins explains, “This album contains many hours of work, many tears, many breakdowns, and many victories; I am so happy with every piece of it.”

Listen to “For Myself” below, and stay up to date with Rachel Cousins via her socials.

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