Montreal Jazz Festival – Day 9 – IN PHOTOS

Montreal Jazz Festival

All photos by Marie Demeire

Montreal Jazz Festival
Day 9: July 8th, 2022
with Bran Van 3000, Cadence Weapon, Laroie, Lilli Lewis

After many days of great live music, Montreal Jazz Festival is almost over! We started our penultimate day at the Rogers Stage (the only Rogers thing that was running during the nationwide outage, the irony isn’t lost on us!) with Lilli Lewis. Alone on stage with her keyboard, the New Orleans singer was quick to win over the crowd with her mesmerizing voice and loving attitude!

Next, we went to Club Montreal TD to check out Montreal’s up-and-coming Laroie. Gab Godon (formally from Heartstreets) danced and vibed around the stage, and didn’t let the sun shining directly in her face bother her!

We then headed to the Rio Tinto stage to catch Toronto rapper Cadence Weapon. The 2021 Polaris Prize winner rocked the stage in front of a packed audience, as he started his set alone with just a laptop, later to be joined by his full band.

Finally, we closed out our evening at the TD Stage with iconic Montreal band Bran Van 3000. Celebrating 25 years of the album Glee, James Di Salvio, Sara Johnston, Jayne Hill, Stephane Moraille and many more took to the stage to revisit memories of the past, culminating with fan-favorite song Drinking in LA. Place des Arts was packed to the brim with tens of thousands of fans, who all gathered to kick off their weekend with a big party, party, party.

Bran Van 3000

Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal Jazz Festival

Cadence Weapon


Lilli Lewis

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Montreal Jazz Festival is taking place downtown from June 30th to July 9th 2022. For tickets and more information, visit

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