Matt Steele shares new single, “Vintage Photo Filter”

Matt Steele

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Matt Steele turns back time on “Vintage Photo Filter”

American-born, Halifax, NS-based singer-songwriter Matt Steele has unveiled his new single, “Vintage Photo Filter.”

“In 2021, I spent some time lost in thought about nostalgia, the rising cost of rent/living, why we all seem to be under more pressure than our parents’ generation, and how the use of ‘vintage’ aesthetics in social media and fashion play into that,” said Matt Steele (he/him). “I then stepped outside of my comfort zone, made a drum loop, and called in a pair of synth-driven artists to help fill out the sound for a 90’s-inspired summertime anthem to capture all this bittersweet melancholy.” 

Eschewing his usual sonic touchstones, “Vintage Photo Filter” pairs Steele with Adam Warren and Kyle MacDougall. The single was recorded between three home studios, before being mixed by Warren and mastered by Kristian Montano.

“I like that vintage photo filter / It reminds me of my mom / She had the style, and she had the beauty / But she’s been gone too long,” Steele pines, on the deceptively breezy synthpop song. “Now it’s only ativan / Rental homes and broken plans.”

“I was also meditating on various types of loss – carefree childhood turning to complicated adulthood, the loss of our loved ones as life goes on, and the change of tactile relationships (people, equipment, environment) towards connection via computer chip,” Steele said. “’Vintage Photo Filter’ might not solve any of our modern problems, but hopefully it’s the right balance of brightness, contrast, and saturation to help get you through your day.”

Listen to “Vintage Photo Filter” below, and stay up to date with Matt Steele via his socials.

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