Starset in Montreal, QC – IN PHOTOS


All photos by Marie Demeire

Starset, ONI
July 3, 2022
Corona Theater, Montreal QC
Canadian Beats Passport

Starset touched down in Montreal last night with their first headlining tour stop, so we just had to take a little detour from the Montreal Jazz Festival to check it out! We started our evening with ONI, an Ontario progressive metal band led by singer Jake Oni. The 5-piece band delivered a rocking performance, a did a perfect job of warming up the crowd for the main act.

Next, a big white curtain was set-up to hide the stage, and it fell down shortly before 9pm as Starset hit the stage. With a level of production we don’t see often at Corona Theater (screens, lasers, smoke, bright strobe lights, violinists), their Demonstration was bold and bright, and fans loved it. Frontman Dustin Bates overflowed with energy, pacing around the stage and jumping on the risers every chance he got. Starset has played in Montreal several times as a support act, but their first headlining tour was a high-energy performance, and a true hard-rock masterclass!


Starset Starset Starset Starset


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