Travis Dolter shares new single, “Senior Year”

Travis Dolter

Travis Dolter glances back fondly while looking ahead in jangly “Senior Year”

Award-winning Canadian country crooner Travis Dolter captures the heady yet scary experience of leaving college for the real world in his new single, “Senior Year.”

Smooth and poppy with just the right amount of jangle, “Senior Year”  gives us a list of all the fun, memorable activities a college student might have engaged in over the course of four years – “Tuesday night drinking and wing Wednesdays,” watching Friends marathons, “playing late-night pool in a Midterm craze,” and taking a girl out on a first date, “falling in love, jumping in too fast.”

All of these are based on the Camrose, AB-based artist’s real memories from his time at Augustana University.

“When I wrote “Senior Year,” it was the night before I started the final semester of my degree,” he said. “At the time, I didn’t know for sure what I wanted to do with my life or what I would have the marks for, and my feelings came pouring out as I wrote this song straight from the heart.”

He remembers fondly the half-price discount on wings at his favorite pizza place in Camrose, Tuesday-night beer pong tournaments, and when his girlfriend introduced him to the show Friends, which offered a greater lesson – and some much-needed hope.

“As I watched the amazing series, it became clear to me that it was ok to not know what life has in store for you,” he said. “If you have that great support group in your life, it all turns out in the end.”

“Senior Year” is like all the songs that appear on Dolter’s double EP, Every Song and A Story, in that it tells a real-life story. One of Dolter’s main influences is Kenny Chesney, particularly Chesney’s song “Don’t Blink,” which deals with life going by so fast.

“Luckily, I realized how fast my university degree was going by and took that time to create more memories with friends and slow myself down,” he said.

Watch the video for “Senior Year” below, and stay up to date with Travis Dolter via his socials.

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