Chris Ryan – Countdown to Cavendish Beach Music Festival

chris ryan

Newfoundland’s Chris Ryan is heading to PEI to play at Cavendish Beach Music Festival

PEI’s epic country music festival, Cavendish Beach Music Festival takes place from July 7-9, 2022. We teamed up with the event to conduct interviews with some of the Canadian talent leading up to the big day. First off, we spoke with Nice Horse, and now we are chatting with Chris Ryan.

Chris Ryan is an Americana-Country artist from Newfoundland. Chris was an East semi-finalist with the 2018 SiriusXM – Canadian Country Music Association ” Top of the Country” project, and has released a slew of singles including, “Less of a Stranger“, “I Ain’t Mad“, and “Slow Down.”

You can catch Chris on July 9 at 12:15 pm at the Kitchen Tides stage.

Listen to “Less of a Stranger” below, and find out more about Chris Ryan via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey folks, my name is Chris Ryan. I am a country artist who comes to you from the tropical island of Newfoundland!

Tell us a bit about your newest release.

My latest release, “Less of a Stranger”, was co-written virtually throughout the pandemic shut down. It’s based on the idea, or notion, of seeing that person at the end of the night who could possibly be that “one person”. I can’t give away the entire storyline, I want you guys to listen for yourselves!

You’ll be playing at Cavendish Beach Music Festival later this month, is this your first time performing at the festival?

This will actually be my second time. Aside from being a singer/songwriter, I’m blessed with the opportunity to accompany other artists. In 2015 I played guitar for Quentin Reddy on the Kitchen Stage. The festival is truly first grade, they treated us amazing!

What can attendees expect from your performance?

I love to engage as much as possible with the audience. Jokes, stories, banter, I feel that really sets up for an entertaining show. We’re going to have fun, and do our best to pass that forward to our crowd!

Besides performing, what are you most excited to check out at the festival? A) After the past 2 plus years we’ve all endured, I’m excited for people to be able to get out, and experience something close to what we knew as normal. Country music festivals always bring so much comradery and fun. It’s going to be great to see people interact and enjoy the amazing music that is up there!

Do you have any other upcoming shows or festivals to tell us about?

I’m heading back to the Rock after PEI to do some side work for a couple of different artists as a guitar player. While in the area, I’m heading into the studio. So soon enough, we’ll have some new music for you guys real soon. Thanks so much for having me.

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