Justyn Thyme unveils new single, “It’s Been a While”

Justyn Thyme

Justyn Thyme Navigates A Contemplative Soundscape of Letting Go on New Single, “It’s Been Awhile”

Canadian Americana artist Justyn Thyme has unveiled his new single, “It’s Been a While” is a journey through letting go. It’s a message that’s much-needed throughout the world after several difficult years of a pandemic and so much unrest:

The world has cast a heavy shadow
Well, the light will always win
Yeah, life could be so simple

Justyn sings of the shedding off of heavy layers, those things that protected us but that are now just a burden — “They may have kept you comfortable / But you won’t need them anymore” — and the relief is palpable. His voice is rich and honeyed and melodic, and when the song ends with the simple yet soulful “Welcome home/ Child of God,” it evokes the feeling of having completed a spiritual journey, or at the very least an emotional catharsis.

“This song to me is speaking of leaving behind the world that we know and that we’ve created for ourselves and getting back to what’s been there for us the entire time,” Justyn explains. “It’s about recognizing the folly of our ways, accepting it, coming to terms with it, and letting it be a thing of the past.”

Listen to “It’s Been a While” below, and find out more about Justyn Thyme via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello readers, any relation to the PEI Rehders? Sorry… Had to.

I go by the name of Justyn, I’m a songwriter and musician amongst other things. I am lucky to call Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (or more resonantly known as Epekwitk) my home. I was born here, travelled elsewhere, but always returned. I am so happy to be one of the many musical channels here on this beautiful island. The pool of talent and magic here is friggin’ brimmin’, I’ll tell ya that for free.

Music has carried me through the most difficult times in my life, has always been a faithful friend, and a consistent companion. I am just over here trying my best to give what has so graciously been given and play my part. I hope for it to find people’s ears and bring some good feelings with it.

A couple of fun facts about me: I am legally blind and I am also an avid golfer (a strange combo I know). I grew up playing golf with my father, John Young, who founded The Club, a cool hangout with golf simulators for all those die-hards that couldn’t make it through the winter months without swinging the ol’ sticks. I’m passionate about anything and everything that is aligned with bringing everything and everyone back to life and I see music playing an obvious and massive role in that.

What’s the best part of living in Charlottetown, PEI?

The people, the land, the community. Everywhere you go you’ll see people you know. Smiles everywhere, friendly faces, always things going on. There are also a lot of fresh faces in the summer coming in on the cruise ships which I really enjoy. The golf’s real good too. Also, there is so. Much. Good. Music. There is also something to be said about being surrounded by the ocean, cradled on the waves.

Where does the merging of so many genres come from? What led you to music?

I’ll listen to anything and anyone. It seems that there is a thread between all things, and sometimes it’s just a little more present in certain things for me. Whatever’s got that secret sauce, that “thing” is surfing those sound waves, that’s what I tend to gravitate towards.

The merging of genres isn’t necessarily intentional and I’m sure it will continue to morph and breathe in its continuance; I think it’s just kind of a natural response to whatever’s hitting me the hardest at that particular time.

As far as what led to music, that might be a bit of a “chicken or the egg” type situation. Who knows. Music’s always been present in my life, and honestly, I have no idea if I found it or it found me. Either way, it was pretty clear it was the thing to do.

Who was the first artist to knock you sideways?

I’ve been knocked around a good few times, but I think one of the hardest hitters to date has to have been discovering Blake Mills. There are so many things about him and his music that put wind in my sails. His ability to express through his instruments, the way he uses his voice and his words, and his ability to engineer and produce himself in a way that I’ve not heard before absolutely blows my mind. I think I’ve liked every single thing I’ve been able to find that he’s been associated with.

What’s the one album by a Canadian artist that everyone should have in their collection?

Jeeeeez. That’s a tough one. You just never know what’s going to get through to you. Everyone has a different way of connecting with everyone else, and each one has its place. This might be silly, but I think that we’ve really got to try our best to listen to EVERYONE and see what works for you wherever it is you are. That seems like a ton of listening, but if you learn to use whatever that compass is that leads you to the all stuff you’re really into, it’ll likely be an easier time. That one that is always pointing true North, right to your ticket. That’s the thing to follow I think. I hope this wasn’t a cop-out answer. There’s just far too much goodness to single out one.

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