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Mad Wet Sea is back with their new EP, The Noise of Thunder

Kingston, ON-based hard rock/metal band, Mad Wet Sea is comprised of the Norse Gods Ægir, Kari, and Logi and their Fire Giant, and the Jotunn Surtr.

“We believe music has become too commercialized, and too polished; we play our music, our way.”

Formed as Logi’s previous band entered the mighty chambers of Valhalla, he teamed up with his brothers to start the Sea. Joined by their cousin, they have released four EPs including the newly released opus, …The Noise of Thunder!

The new EP was mixed and mastered by MX-Pro Records out of Germany, and it is the best group of songs released as of yet!

Listen to The Noise of Thunder below, and find out more about Mad Wet Sea via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello all!

We are the Mighty Norse Gods of Fire, Wind, and Sea, known as Logi, Kari, and Ægir, respectively. Logi is the main songwriter as he is our fiery guitarist and vocalist. Kari uses his power of the wind to pummel drums while Ægir pulsates the bass like the waves on the Sea. Together they are joined by their cousin, the mighty Jotunn Sortr, slaying all with his lead guitar! We believe that rock has gotten too polished and too commercialized, so we are here to bring the raw grittiness back to the forefront! Join us and get rocked by the Sea!

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

We recently released a new EP of classic metal and hard rock songs called …the Noise of Thunder!. It came around as being a concept album. The first song was a collaboration with one of our fans. Ed Mahalick from Dead Drunk Cinema reached out with song lyrics, so Logi wrote some riffs, rearranged and added some lyrics, and “Leave Me Alone” was born. The song follows a disagreement between two parties that creates a divide.

Following that, we have “Darkness Falls”. The divide has created further fragmentation, and darkness falls around the world. From the darkness, the battle of good and evil rages leaving sparse remains behind as the “Ashes Fall”.

Lastly, “The Horsemen”, four, return to reclaim the world for their own; Death comes to take you home. As it is known, “and I heard as it were, the Noise of Thunder!”

We would like to add that the artwork was done by Septian Masnaputra; you can find his amazing art on his Instagram.

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

That can, honestly, vary day to day. The music is normally written with the lyrics following. The lyrics come from how the music feels and combine inspiration from surroundings. Logi is always keeping track of little thoughts and sayings. They can be used to jumpstart a song and sometimes get cut from the final lyrics altogether. These can also be used when a block is found in a song. Going through the cache can get a song back on track. There are even times when a song just comes right out; pick up a guitar randomly, and it’s just there, like it’s always been there.

Do you have any upcoming shows or festivals you’d like to tell us about?

We currently have no gigs lined up in the near future. But hoping to announce some soon!

What’s your goal for 2022?

The sea stretches far and wide to far-reaching masses. We plan to spread our dominance of the Sea, spreading our music and lore throughout the masses. Watch out for us, and get rocked by the Search!

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