Zach’s Picks of the Week – June 20, 2022 to June 25, 2022

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Happy Music Monday! I am your host, Zach Coopz, here to bring you my favourite choices from the many articles posted on our site, Canadian Beats Media, in my feature, Zach’s Picks of the Week. The posts come to you from the many authors who work for our independent Canadian promoting website. Be sure to show them your gratitude by heading to the rest of our website and discovering all the brand-new music we promote.

In this article, we will explore some artists that I believe you should be listening to this week and from now on. These will be my top five, and you will get a clip of each of these songs featured this week in the video post below. You can find the rest of each of these songs featured in the articles that will be linked below. Let’s get the fun time started. Coming up right now is “Zach’s Picks Of The Week”!

Number Five

Starting today, we have the brand-new collective project known as The Strongman Blues Remedy. They released their album The Strongman Blues Remedy Volume 1 to all streaming sites via Stony Plain Records. The album features a variety of multi-talented, award-winning, and nominated musicians working together. One example is the newly released single for “I Like To Ride,” featuring the legendary Harrison Kennedy lending his vocals. You can find the video in the article over on our website. But he developed an album that touches on a broad cross-section of experiences and viewpoints by doing songwriting sessions with a stellar cast of Canadian blues artists. Head to our article for the release of the video “I Like To Ride” by Strongman Blues Remedy here.

Number Four

Next, we have Toronto-based singer-songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer Sarah Shafey. She has revealed her latest single, “Pick Up The Phone,” from her upcoming album Black Box Universe on September 23rd of this year. Sarah has been described as having striking vocals & creating infectious electro-pop songs. She continues to deliver that energy in her second single, “Pick Up The Phone.” You can find it on all streaming platforms, so add it to your favourite playlist. This song is about calling someone, and they pretend they don’t see it. It’s also about being careful with these little devices that we have in our hands every day. Be sure to head over to the website and check out the full article for the “Pick Up The Phone” release by Sarah Shafey right here.

Number Three

The Montreal-based folk singer-songwriter Val Thomas is in the top three of my picks for this week. She recently unveiled her Hymnal EP, which will follow after her debut EP, Chronicles From The Cave. We at Canadian Beats teamed up with Val to share the music video for her newest single, “Mercy.” It follows after the previous release, “Last Drop,” both taken from the new EP. The official music video takes the viewer deep into the studio as the musicians lay down the song, having just reunited after so many months apart. “Mercy” is a groovy summer track that celebrates new beginnings. Be sure to check out the full video in our article for the release of “Mercy” here.

Number Two

Next up is Toronto-based R&B pop singer-songwriter Chad Price. He unveils the latest single that draws on the battles with inner demons to manifest his introspective journey of self-healing into an uplifting tale of resilience in the new single, “Broken Open.” Recorded with producer Matthew Johnston, the new single is brutally honest with its heart-breaking and confessional lyrics, ultimately healing with its message of acknowledgment and collective vulnerability. The new song arrives ahead of his forthcoming album, out this Summer. The Ontario-based artist’s soothing vocal harmonies are enhanced by the heartwarming message embedded within the lyrics. Check out the article for the release of “Broken Open” by Chad Price and the mini interview here.

Number One

My final recommendation brings us to meet Ottawa-Hull-based art pop collective Pony Girl. They recently announced their forthcoming LP, Enny One Will Love You, which is out October 14 via Paper Bag Records. With the announcement of the upcoming LP, they released the first music video and single for “Age of Anxious” to all streaming platforms. The track explores themes of isolation in the digital age through dark comic vignettes & absurdist situations. It’s a sitcom for rats with a side of existential dread. Please enjoy the article on our website, where you can find the video for “Age Of Anxious” by Pony Girl here.

Those will be this week’s picks on Zach’s Picks Of The Week. Please visit the rest of our website for more amazing articles posted daily by the best in Canada. I hope you found something on my list this week to enjoy and potentially continue to follow. There are many amazingly talented musicians and artists across this country. So be sure to tune in next week when I bring you a new list. I hope you have a fantastic week out there, everybody. My name is Zach Coopz. PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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