Chester Doom unveils their new single, “Salt and Smoke”

Chester Doom explores Atlantic Canada’s rich and violent history in “Salt and Smoke”

East Coast rockers Chester Doom have unveiled their new single, “Salt and Smoke,” from their new album Masks, a title the band concedes feels appropriate on multiple levels in 2022.

“‘Salt and Smoke’ is our ode to the rich and often violent history of our home region of Atlantic Canada,” said Chester Doom’s Glenn Arseneau (he/him). “So many people lost their lives here during centuries of war, colonization and exploitation of existing populations, many due to constant struggles just to survive in a harsh and unfamiliar land an ocean away from everything and everyone they knew and loved.”

“We wanted to create a historical epic in the vein of Iron Maiden or Led Zeppelin, and tie it into our own roots, while being mindful not to glorify the past in a Eurocentric way,” said Arseneau. “The song is about duty, honor and courage as much as it’s about respecting and learning from the past sacrifices of those who came before us.”

The single is a heavy rock track with vocals to match perfectly. The lyrics tell a story of Atlantic Canadian history while at the same time evoking the emotion behind the song.

Listen to “Salt and Smoke” below, and stay up to date with Chester Doom via their socials.

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