Les Francos – Day 9 – IN PHOTOS

Les Francos, Montreal QC
Day 9: June 18th, 2022
with Loud Lary Ajust, Thaïs, Ariane Roy, Thierry Larose and Lou-Adriane Cassidy, and Calamine

After 8 epic days that felt just like old times, it’s time for Les Francos to wrap up, and what a memorable closing night it was!

We started out our evening with two acts we’ve seen before and just could not miss seeing again! First, Hochelaga rapper Calamine, who wowed us just as much as during Metro Metro over at the Desjardins stage. Then, over to Thaïs at the Hydro-Quebec stage, who was able to charm us with her full set, unlike last year’s MURAL fest when she got cut short by a power outage.

Next, over to the Loto-Quebec stage, Le roy, la rose et le lou(p), aka Ariane RoyThierry Larose and Lou-Adriane Cassidy rocked our socks off with a vibrant set!

Last but definitely not least, we headed to the Bell stage for the last main outdoor show of the festival. Funny enough, it is the same band that pre-opened the festival by setting Club Soda ablaze last Thursday. You guessed it, we checked out the long-awaited reunion of Loud Lary Ajust! Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their masterclass album Gullywood, Loud and Lary Kidd (with Ajust at the production) set a Place des Festivals packed to the brim on fire. An epic way to close out the first Francos post-pandemic, a very special edition we will remember for years to come!


Loud Lary Ajust

Les Francos Les Francos


Ariane Roy, Thierry Larose and Lou-Adriane Cassidy






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