Twin River shares video for “Over and Over”

Twin River announce When We Think About Time EP + unveil a new single, “Over and Over”

Vancouver’s Twin River announce their first release in over six years with their EP When We Think About Time, out August 12, 2022, via Light Organ Records.

Today they shared the first single, “Over and Over.”

“Over and Over is about watching someone you love struggle with addiction, and the overwhelming spiral of watching history repeat itself,” says Ewan. “It’s a war between a sense of personal responsibility to this person and the urge to protect yourself; trying to impose boundaries but also feeling called to jump back in whenever the same alarm bells are rung. It’s like being caught in an undertow and never really sure when or where you’re going to pop back up – just when you think you’re headed for the shore, it grabs you again and pulls you back under – over and over again.” 

On When We Think About Time, Twin River are not the glossy band you know from their previous recordings. Where Should The Light Go Out and Passing Shade sparkle under layers of synths and effects; the Vancouver-based band’s latest release is six guitar-driven songs with rough edges and raw energy.

The organic sound of When We Think About Time allows for a relatively unobstructed view of Ewan’s lyrics which touch on the importance of personal boundaries and how relationships evolve over time.  On “Over and Over,” Ewan is stuck in the torturous cycle of almost letting someone go but then is overcome with nostalgia and worry.

Twin River’s core members Courtney Ewan (vocals/guitar) and Andy Bishop (guitar) recorded When We Think About Time at the Hive Creative Labs on Vancouver Island with a new team of collaborators: Ladyhawk’s Ryan Peters on drums and Darcy Hancock on bass alongside Louise Burns and Yukon Blonde’s Rebecca Gray who both provided backing vocals. When We Think About Time is produced by Colin Stewart.

Watch the video for “Over and Over” below, and stay up to date with Twin River via their socials.

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