PREMIERE – Sarah Shafey unveils new single, “Pick up the Phone”

Sarah Shafey shares the second single, “Pick Up The Phone,” from her forthcoming album

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer Sarah Shafey has released her single, “Pick Up The Phone,” from her upcoming album, Blackbox Universe, out September 23, 2022.

Sarah Shafey has been described as having striking vocals & creating infectious electro-pop, and she continues to deliver on all fronts in her second single, “Pick Up The Phone.” This song is about calling someone, and they pretend they don’t see it. It’s also about being careful with these little devices that we have in our hands every day of our lives.

“Our phones can either destroy us or make us better as people,” says Sarah candidly. “It’s a choose your own adventure type of thing. Choose wisely.”

Throughout Sarah’s writing experience, she explores different versions of herself, which she has characterized through the singles being released leading up to her fourth album. With the first single, “Competitor,” we saw the character Princess Layla (an Egyptian Princess) visualized through the single’s imagery and in Act 1 of Shafey’s comic book series. The second single, “Pick Up The Phone,” introduces us to Suzy Q (an adoring wife). Act 2 of the comic series can be read here

“We all have different versions of ourselves so I felt the need to explore who they were,” says Sarah. “Some of it was a shedding of skin that I don’t want anymore and other elements are more closely aligned with who I am now and want to be more like.”

On her fourth album, Blackbox Universe, Sarah Shafey delivers her most theatrical album to date. Filled with big, bold, heavy production, this genre-bending collection includes electronic, pop, and rock influences. Shafey brilliantly weaves themes of unveiling different versions of ourselves, women empowerment, and science fiction while captivating listeners with her seamless vocals and strong production.

As a huge fan of Sarah’s previous single, “Competitor,” I was very excited to hear this new release and was not disappointed. I enjoy the beat of this track; it is reminiscent of 80s and 90s pop but with a modern twist. The lyrics speak about our phone addiction, which is all too true.

I love the versatility in Sarah’s music and the different personas she encompasses in the comic book series that accompanies the singles. I can’t wait to see what she shares next time!

Listen to “Pick Up The Phone” below, and stay up to date with Sarah Shafey via her socials.

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