Mint Simon unveils new single, “Real Love”

Mint Simon shares their version of a love song, “Real Love”

Mint Simon is the debut solo project of the front person of indie-pop band Caveboy. They have just unveiled the new single, “Real Love.”

“Inspired by the ballads of the ’80s…this is my version of a love song,”says Mint.

“Real Love” is produced by Mint’s BFF/Caveboy bandmate Isabelle Banos and mixed and mastered by Davey Oberlin. Mint has collaborated many times with Davey on his All The Damn Vampires project, including the recent cover of Litany’s hit single “Bedroom” and the amazing single “Saturday.”

“This one is coming from a tiny warm space in my little heart. Being single for so long, it’s a declaration to the part of me that is lonely.

I wanted to write a ballad for pride because in all this time along I’ve learned how to cry and how to feel – and through many interactions both small and big, I’ve figured out what I want and what I don’t want. I’ve taken care of myself and learned my worth.

This song is for the sensitive ones.”

Mint Simon is using this new musical project as a vehicle for self-discovery and expression as they develop their unique musical sound as a solo act while sharing their journey of self-acceptance with captivating and effortlessly catchy pop tunes.

The new music, including “Tongue Tied,” “Used For Love,” and “Some of Everything” (& Bright Light Bright Light Remix), sees Mint unabashedly being themselves and exploring their own music with zero restrictions.

Listen to “Real Love” below, and stay up to date with Mint Simon via their socials.

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