Meredith Lazowski – Review

Artist: Meredith Lazowski
Album: Other Way Home
Release Date: June 17, 2022
Genre: alt-country

Fresh out of Toronto, singer-songwriter Meredith Lazowski’s debut album is a charming one. Other Way Home is exquisite from beginning to end, although some highlights can be found right in the middle.

“The Other Side” stands out for its gritty riffs and booming percussion, while the immediately subsequent “Old Friend” is almost a total contrast, being quite lively and lighthearted with accentuating accordion. Then, a couple of songs later, the easygoing title track comes with its sparse, alternately muted guitar notes and supplementary organ.

All the songs are country-influenced to some degree, in mode and theme. As such, “Prairie” makes a proper introduction to the album, its relaxed rhythm and steel guitar perfectly framing the softly sailing vocals of the singer as she wistfully muses on a rural lifestyle. In “Running Circles,” that vibe becomes fully realized, with an especially pronounced twang to the lyrics and the aforementioned elements. Include with all of that the use of fiddle, piano, and more, and you have an instrumentally varied style that at no point feels too crowded.

Other Way Home is a tranquil listening experience, and Meredith Lazowski knows how to do that well.

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