Danny Echo shares new single, “Zeros and Ones”

Danny Echo unveils a video for the new single, “Zeros and Ones”

Vancouver-based musician Danny Echo combines Brit-pop melodies and classic rock vocals with the alt-pop excitement of a SpaceX launch.

Locked up and locked down during a particularly rainy night, endlessly scrolling and clicking, Echo’s single, “Zeros and Ones,” took shape on an acoustic guitar. Drawing comparisons between the weather and the online world, the accompanying visuals take a dystopian yet sanguine look at modern civilization today through the coded eyes of the internet.

Echo shares,

“This song investigates how the internet reigns supreme over all the land.

The deluge of information and misinformation pours down indiscriminately, soaking all who venture.

Fact checking, propaganda, toks, tics, and friend requests overwhelm us to no end. Manipulating algorithms track our history for the highest bidder, selling us what we think we need.”

Watch the video for “Zeros and Ones” below, and stay up to date with Danny Echo via his socials.

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