The Northwest unveils new EP, All In

The Northwest are back with their EP, All In, plus a brand new single, “Stay Gold”

Sault Ste. Marie-based alt-rock band, The Northwest have shared their new EP, All In. The EP features previous singles, “Long Hair (Longer Nights),” “Shoreline,” and the recent, “Stay Gold.”

All In is a perfect snapshot of the band’s sound, showcasing their varied rock influences.

Mike (Guitar/ Vocals) shares,

“When we met with Dustin Goodall and Bill Priddle at Unsalted Audio, we knew we had to hand the keys over to our songs and trust their judgment on many aspects of the songs and tonality of the record.  Some things changed drastically – the bridge part in ‘Long Hair (Longer Nights)’ was way different when we wrote it, but the benefit of a production team is they listen to your songs from a listener’s point of view, and I think The Northwest needed that to help us become better songwriters and performers in the long run.”

Wayne (Vocals/ Guitar) adds,

“A lot of time spent on this one. Mike and I really used this downtime from the pandemic to send voice memo demos back and forth. I would write every day while I was “working from home.”   We spent a solid year just focused on these batch of songs. This was also the first time handing the keys over to a team to help with production. It had its ups and downs was really a learning experience as well. It took thought to get the song ideas to come together it took a team to make the EP sound how we wanted it to be.” 

Listen to All In below, and stay up to date with The Northwest via their socials.

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