Chad Price unveils new single, “Broken Open”

Chad Price’s New Single Captures Resilience & Self-Healing

Toronto, ON-based R&B pop  singer-songwriter Chad Price draws on the battles with inner demons to manifest his introspective journey of self-healing into an uplifting tale of resilience in a new single, “Broken Open.”

Recorded with producer Matthew Johnston, “Broken Open” is anthemic with its gospel-tinged choral background vocals, brutally honest and intimate with its heart-breaking and confessional lyrics, and — ultimately — optimistic, unifying, and healing with its message of acknowledgment and collective vulnerability.

“‘Broken Open’ allows me to get pretty deep and dark in terms of the things I wanted to express”, Price shares. “I’m vulnerable about emotional trauma, deteriorating mental health, and some negative self-image/self-acceptance issues in the song… But being open about these things, and admitting that I’m just trying to stay above water like everyone else, hopefully makes people know they’re not alone in their suffering and constant efforts. 

“Everyone is dealing with something and this song, to me, ultimately feels like a warm, tearful embrace and encouragement to keep going,” he continues. “Sometimes being ‘Broken Open’ is necessary to open up and evolve into the best versions of ourselves.” 

Fearlessly vibrant, Price’s impassioned new song arrives ahead of his forthcoming album, out this Summer. With the complexities of self-actualization and overcoming internal struggles potently captured and conveyed, the Ontario-based artist’s soothing vocal harmonies are enhanced by the heartwarming message embedded within the lyrics.

Listen to “Broken Open” below, and find out more about Chad Price via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi readers! I’m Chad…I’m a Toronto-based singer-songwriter. Thanks for being here.

What’s the best part of living in Toronto, ON?

The close proximity to my music and industry friends. I love the fact that I can bounce over to a venue last minute and see a great performance or get in a writing session with a songwriter friend almost on a whim. Being a part of the musical and creative community here is a privilege, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Also, as a huge Blue Jays fan, I LOOOVE living just a fifteen-minute walk from the SkyDome (not “Rogers Centre”….Sky Dome for life!)

What did you learn that you still use today from being on “The Launch?”

Scott Borchetta looked me in the eyes and told me that I had another gear and needed to figure out how to get there. He was absolutely correct, and I took that advice to heart and used it to dig deeper and reach creative and performance heights that I haven’t before on the new music.

I also learned that Nikki Sixx is a sweetheart and loved my sound. I don’t really use that for anything today…but it’s nice to know?

Who was the first guitarist to knock you sideways?

John Mayer was the first guitarist who absolutely blew me away and inspired me not only to become a better guitar player but to try my hand at songwriting. He’s an absolute master guitarist, as I think we all know by now, but it wasn’t really his electric guitar bluesy stuff or soaring solos that piqued my interest. It was his acoustic stuff. He just chose chords and voicings that were vastly more interesting than most. Even his “boring” less complicated stuff just had so much character. I loved that and still do. I WILL master “Neon” before I die (…which is the opposite of boring and not complicated)!

But Mayer was just the start. There are so many incredible guitarists out there that I enjoy listening to…Tom Misch, Mateus Asato, Isaiah Sharkey, my pal TJ Whitelaw (a Toronto guy)…the list goes on and on.

What’s the one album by a Canadian artist that everyone should have in their collection?

I gotta go with Neil Young’s “Harvest.” That’s a big album for me.

Honourable mention, Alanis’ “Jagged Little Pill.”

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