Barbra Lica shares video for “Girls Like Me”

Barbra Lica shows off her sweet dance moves in the “Girls Like Me” music video

The JUNO-nominated, Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter-producer Barbra Lica shares her brand new video for “Girls Like Me”.

The video, directed by Matthew Barnett, features Barbra’s choreographed dance debut…a lifelong dream FINALLY realized.

​​The video for “Girls Like Me” was created to celebrate true blue female ‘nerdom’ in all its glory;” shares Barnett. “To do so, we embraced an 80s aesthetic to best reflect the decade that this culture really hit its stride. With a soft pastel colour palette, 8 Bit side scrolling video games, and a choreographed dance sequence in full LARPing attire, we looked to imbue this video with an unapologetic sense of fun. More importantly, we wanted to show these women as the strong, confident oddballs that they know they are. It’s just women being true to themselves and having fun while doing so.

This newest dream-pop offering is an homage to the finer things in life – Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek, Excel spreadsheets – and marks a departure from Barbra’s usual blend of jazz and folk-country while retaining her signature sense of humour. Now if only she could be president of something larger than her book club…

Watch the music video for “Girls Like Me” below, and stay up to date with Barbra Lica via her socials.

ICYMI: We had a chat with Barbra via our Five Questions With segment around the release of “Girls Like Me.”

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