Katy Topham shares her latest single, “The Hurtin’ and the Heart”

Katy Topham focuses on both the hard work and the beauty seen in a committed relationship in “The Hurtin’ and the Heart”

Kitchener, ON-based singer-songwriter Katy Topham recently shared her latest single, “The Hurtin’ and the Heart.”

The single was co-written with the accomplished songwriter Carrie DeMaeyer and focuses on both the struggle and the beauty seen in a committed relationship.

“Ultimately it’s a love song about my own marriage; a dedication to my husband.” 

It’s a song about the joys and the pain of holding on to someone so closely; hard work combined with the mystery of things we can’t quite put our finger on.

Watch the video for “The Hurtin’ and the Heart” below and learn more about Katy Topham via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi friends! I’m Katy Topham, an Ontario-based singer/songwriter. I recently released my newest single, “The Hurtin’ and the Heart.” I have a new single in the works for the end of August and an EP coming out on September 16th, 2022. You can find all my work on my website.

You have recently unveiled your new single, “The Hurtin’ and the Heart” what can you tell us about the writing process behind the single?

This song is an honest love letter to my husband. Through this song, Carrie and I wanted to share how much work it is to be in a committed relationship. Talking about our own partnerships, we concluded that ‘something’ happens between those difficult moments and the ‘coming back’ to one another. It’s a song about the joys and the pain of holding on to someone so closely; hard work combined with the mystery of things we can’t quite put our finger on. In the end, the love you create when there’s that much work put in? Sometimes feels like magic. That’s where the song came from.

You co-wrote with Carrie DeMaeyer on the track. How was that experience?

Writing with Carrie is always fantastic! We’ve been friends and co-writers for a long time, and we know each other’s partner’s quite well, so it was a privilege to write things with Carrie.

The song started with Carrie bringing the line “some days we turn diamonds into coal” to the session, and I was blown away. Such a perfect way to describe how sometimes we really do take our closest relationships for granted. Carrie has a beautiful way of looking at a partnership that I find inspiring.

You’ve also shared a music video to accompany the release. What was the highlight of the video shoot?

The video for this song is a collection of wedding videos from my friends and family!

Everyone sent me their videos and trusted me to use the snippets I chose for the video, and I think it turned out great! It makes me cry every time, haha. I love weddings, it’s a big deal to make a commitment like that to someone you love, and I’m so happy I got to share those beautiful videos along with my music.

I think the highlight was sharing my wedding clips in the video! (Hint: look for the bride in the yellow dress.)

You are set to release your sophomore EP this September. Care to share on this milestone in your career?

YES! September 16th! I will be having a release party that night so follow my socials for tickets!

So, I released my debut EP in 2014, and a couple of years after that, I went through some things in my personal life and took a bit of a break from recording, so those songs never made it to radio or onto online streaming platforms. When I decided to start releasing music again in 2019 (thanks to my Dad for the nudge back into music), my team and I decided those songs deserved some life! As a result, many of the singles I’ve released were songs that were written between 2011-2014. I’m proud to say this EP will be a collection of those “old” tunes that I re-released and a couple of new ones (some you’ve heard and a REALLY new one that you haven’t!!) … I feel this EP will bridge the gap between my old stories and my new ones.

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