Mattmac shares video for new single, “Isolation”

Mattmac sits down for Heart To Heart with listeners on his newest single, “Isolation”

Indigenous Canadian Pop-Trap Artist Mattmac has unveiled his new single, “Isolation.”

Mattmac, a blind music producer and recording artist from Garden Hill First Nation, Manitoba, has been writing music since childhood after struggling with depression. He attributes his competencies to the support of the Bling & Famous group — a USA-based collective of blind music artists who collaborate and connect through the internet.

As Mattmac’s music has always showcased, life isn’t always as easy as “point A to point B;” in fact, it’s a long and self-conscious road of struggles. Mattmac’s ability to express his grievances in such a vulnerable and heartwarming way makes his music so special. Add the fact that he was born blind into the mix, and you’ve got a fairytale story of “rags to riches.”

“Isolation” encapsulates that messaging perfectly. As a music producer in the rural area of Garden Hill First Nation on a Canadian Reservation, Mattmac struggled with a lack of fundamental resources — like he was set up to fail from the beginning.

“I’ve been able to achieve some of my goals and build some demand for my music and skill sets, but the pressure has been building up,” he reflects on the feeling. “The lack of fundamental resources on my reserve has not only been frustrating and challenging but has made me realize that where I’m from is set up for people to fail.

“This feeling has left me feeling really isolated,” he continues. “I’m disconnected from the world that is calling upon me, but still doesn’t reach out in a way that helps people who desperately need change.”

While “Isolation” is a traditional trap production, the lyrics portray a story of hardship and separation. Mattmac’s story draws the listener in, sharing the weight of the world with them for a moment of respite. Deep 808s and atmospheric ad-libs add to the lingering sense of dread as options start to run dry and the situation becomes make or break.

“What’s really interesting is that so much has changed in the past six months since I wrote ‘Isolation,’” he shares. “I’ve been able to find an apartment in Winnipeg, and recently moved in; I was able to go back to Garden Hill a week before I moved, and it was a really emotional time for me…

“Just thinking about all the struggles and challenges I faced with my family — to think I made it out and I am now starting my own life… It’s really a lot for a kid on the reserve. 

“A kid like me didn’t know if it would be possible. 

“I’ve had a lot of support in the last few years, and that has made all the difference,” he continues. “My hope is that more kids can get that kind of support for their dreams and goals. I am still young, but this whole journey has made me start to think and plan about how I can contribute to that change.”

This powerful single is the third release connected to Mattmac’s upcoming album, BLURRED VISIONS, which is set to release just before the summer. Isolation” also has a stand-alone music video produced by Indigenous filmmaker Skye Spence.

“We are working on a digital series of themed videos set to release over the summer and a documentary film called ‘FEEL THE WORLD’ — set to release next year — that takes a closer look at my life over the last few years.

Watch the video for “Isolation” below, and learn more about Mattmac via his socials.

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