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Ezra Brooks follows up previous singles with “Lilacs”

Contemporary singer-songwriter, Ezra Brooks, has been on a single-releasing mad streak, dropping his nostalgic piano ballad “Leaving” last month and his indie folk-pop ode “Cherry Shirt” back in March.  He continues this trend with “Lilacs,” a song that touches on his childhood and the whimsy of growing up.

“Lilacs” is the first song producer Curtis Lowe worked on with Ezra, and since then, the collaboration has not stopped. The track begins with a light acoustic arpeggio as Ezra sings about the joys and pitfalls of his childhood.

The song is highly cinematic, much like his other work, and feels like flipping through a family photo album as you’re greeted by warm summer rays. Ezra is also his most vulnerable on the track, using his real-life memories for lyrical content, adding to “Lilacs'” sentimental tone.

“There’s a reason why I didn’t want to release this track when it was ready in October,” he says. “It needed to be the right time and being one of my most personal and favourite songs, I wanted for sure to keep it for the album or a spring release.”

Listen to “Lilacs” below and learn more about Ezra Brooks via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey, My name is Ezra Brooks, and I am an Alternative/Folk/Pop artist originally from a small east coast town In New Brunswick, Canada. I now reside in Toronto to be able to become a true artist and focus on my music in Canada’s biggest metropolitan.

As quoted in my biography, “The fusion of genre and themes explored in his music and drawing inspiration from the classic rock of bands like Queen and Fleetwood Mac or the more contemporary pop of Harry Styles, and Lana Del Rey and The Lumineers. To be able to transcend into a place of love, heartbreak, grief, personal reflections, and world issues is uncommon for such a young artist.”

Next to my Idols and some of the greatest music legends, I strive to be an activist and a force in the future of music.

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

My recent release is a song called “Lilacs.” This was one of the first songs my producer, Curtis, Produced for me, and because of the beautifulness of this track, our collaboration has not stopped. An emotional and home-striking song that brings feelings of love, grief, and growing up makes you feel like the song was bringing you through your childhood. It’s in the authentic lyrics that you find my vulnerable self. It’s the type of sad collective song that makes you happy and fuzzy inside. While working on it, Curtis commented, “This track really came out unbelievably special; I teared up during the bridge..” I also said in a previous interview, “There’s a reason why I didn’t want to release this track when it was ready in October. It needed to be the right time, and being one of my most personal and favourite songs, I wanted for sure to keep it for the album or a spring release.”

When it comes to the global pandemic, how are you keeping yourself out in the public eye while not being able to perform?

The pandemic has undoubtedly extended the launch of my live music performance. With a few performances, I had to cancel. I am currently looking forward to having a small tour in late summer following my upcoming album.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so if you were able to work with ONE fellow Canadian artist, alive or dead, who would you choose?

I am proud to call myself Canadian; honestly, I believe some of the greatest singers have been launched out of this magnificent country. From Celine Dion to Justin Bieber to Leonard Cohen. So many Icons that I would dream of working with. I think for the impact he’s had on music, and because I think we could make an insane record, I’d love to work with The Weeknd.

What’s your goal for 2022?

To pour my heart and soul into my music and hopefully become a muse for other people like me!

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