Burn The Louvre shares new single, “Lost With You”

Burn The Louvre is back with their fifth single from Silhouettes, “Lost With You”

Hamilton, ON-based indie duo, Burn The Louvre has shared their new single, “Lost With You,” from their album, Silhouettes. The band is releasing the album as 11 separate singles (1 per month for 11 months).

The duo calls this single a charming little indie pop/rock tune, and boy, are they right about that.

“Lost With You” recaptures a fun day I had with my ex-girlfriend. It resulted in this upbeat indie pop/rock song about love at the height of its arc, that period of time during a relationship where everything is perfect. “Lost With You” celebrates love at its most carefree, where getting lost in the woods doesn’t sound so bad as long as you’re lost together.

As soon as the song began, I was into this track. I love the vocals and the funky beat throughout. It’s a song you’ll find yourself singing and dancing to in no time. The lyrics are nothing short of adorable. A cute little diddy that pulls the heartstrings.

If you want to hear the previous singles, head to their Spotify, and give them all a listen.

Listen to “Lost With You” below, and stay up to date with Burn The Louvre via their socials.

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