Bud Rice unveils his sophomore album, Piece Of Heaven

Bud Rice shares a Piece Of Heaven with us as the world returns to some form of normalcy

Montreal, QC-based singer-songwriter Bud Rice released his first studio album, Belfast, back in 2015. The album earned high praise both locally and nationally.

In 2018, Rice headed back into the studio to start recording his sophomore album, Piece of Heaven. A year later, the album was completed and ready for distribution when the world was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in a two-year hiatus for the music community.

Now in 2022, Rice has unveiled Piece Of Heaven. The album was recorded at Montreal’s Breakglass Studios, engineered by David Smith, co-produced by David Gossage and Bud Rice, mixed by Vid Cousins, and edited by Padraig Buttner-Schnirer. The release features Marc Beland, Ken Presse, Jo Lorgis, Sarah Pagé, and Katie Moore.

Piece of Heaven is a deeply personal collection of songs dealing with great love and loss and has been described as the “Break-Up Album of 2022.”

Listen to it for yourself below, and stay up to date with Bud Rice via his socials.

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