Jeff Hope shares new single, “Goodbye Baby”

Jeff Hope delivers a Country Rock Kiss Off with his new single, “Goodbye Baby”

Nova Scotian singer-songwriter Jeff Hope has unveiled his single, “Goodbye Baby.”

While analogies and metaphors can be pretty and poetic and all, sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. There’s no mistaking that he is giving a bad relationship the hook, literally and musically, with this new track.

The “Goodbye, baby, goodbye” in the chorus is anthemic and instantly relatable as Hope’s expressive tenor kicks into the chorus after a spate of done-me-wrong epithets. We’ve all been there and this super catchy song’s four-on-the-floor rhythm is bound to have everyone involuntarily nodding in agreement.

“It’s a ‘get over it, I’m taking my love back’ kinda story that I think we can all relate to at some point in our journey as lovers and fighters,” he says, adding sardonically, “The kind of song Johnny Depp should post on Amber Heard’s wall.”

While the subject matter may be bitter, “Goodbye Baby” is bathed in smooth, polished production with melodic guitar riffs and rich harmonies. This is thanks to Hope’s good friend and former bandmate, Nova Scotia multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Matt Muise-Dillan. The song’s production is thanks to another talented Maritimer, Kris Richards.

“He’s a Nova Scotia-born guitarist extraordinaire now living in Nashville and currently on tour with Clay Walker,” Hope notes. “Kris added a dimension to this song that is undeniable.”

Hope also kept it very close to home regarding the inspiration behind recording and releasing his first album in nearly two decades, Fill the Void — which includes “Goodbye Baby.”

Watch the “Goodbye Baby” video below, and stay up to date with Jeff Hope via his socials.

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