PREMIERE – ANNIKA unveils music video for “Stand Still”

ANNIKA shares a music video for her recent single, “Stand Still” from her debut EP, Stand Still: Side A

Calgary-based country artist, ANNIKA recently unveiled her EP, Stand Still: Side A, which features seven tracks. The title track, “Stand Still” was recorded as an acoustic song with only piano and vocals, highlighting the beauty of remaining quiet and content in a world that is in a constant state of motion.

Today, we’re teaming up with ANNIKA to share her brand new music video for “Stand Still” one day ahead of the official release. The music video is directed by ANNIKA and Mélanie Vautour and captures the message of the song’s lyrics by displaying pictures of ANNIKA’s childhood, showcasing some of her fondest memories from family vacations to birthdays to simple, everyday moments with loved ones. It not only gives the viewer a glimpse of ANNIKA’s life but also allows room for viewers to reflect on their own life and the memories that play on their own internal slideshow.

“As with all things related to the Stand Still: Side A Project, I wanted this music video to be very personal. The song itself is all about honouring the past while appreciating the present, so I thought it was appropriate to showcase memories that mean a lot to me. This video is a visual love letter to my family and the people who made me who I am today. I believe the beauty of a picture is its ability to capture one special moment and leave it frozen in time, and using various pictures from my life seemed like the perfect way to honour the message of the song,” said ANNIKA.

Although the EP is a departure from her previous work, it’s a beautiful collection of songs that takes the listener on a journey of love’s ups and downs through her eyes. The project will be broken down into two EPs and one deluxe album, delivering a total of 14 songs that ANNIKA co-wrote, most of them with her JUNO award-winning husband, Spencer Cheyne, who also produced the project.

Watch the video for “Stand Still” below, and listen on Spotify here.

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