Sophie Powers – Review

Artist: Sophie Powers
EP: Red In Revenge
Release Date: May 20, 2022
Genre: Punk/ Alternative

Red In Revenge is the debut release of Toronto-based artist Sophie Powers. The release brings the energy of a hyper pop meets punk amalgamation with hip-hop beats mixed throughout the EP. It shares a message of being a carefree person with an attitude while at the same time being able to be vulnerable and emotional. While just a short 17-minute runtime, it packs a punch.

Stand-out tracks include “U Love It” and “1 thing”.

“U Love It” has a rock and hip-hop sound with a hip-hop beat played on instruments while vocally is similar to M.I.A detailing wanting to be number one but simultaneously has this ‘I’m the baddest bitch’ vibe with the vocal delivery showcasing lyrics like “Hard Hitter never play, and they’re all bitter. Go-getter disappear in the Gold Glitter’”

“1 Thing” is the most punk-sounding track on this EP. The song features Kellen Quinn from the band Sleeping With Sirens and is the most vulnerable track. It’s reminiscent of when the thoughts in our head push us away from meaningful relationships, with the chorus detailing, “Because My mind is not my friend there’s no getting away I can’t wait for the day that you’ll be mine, my only friend.”

Overall it is a great summer release to play at a party, on a road trip, or even to produce a chill vibe in the backyard.

ICYMI: Check out the video for Sophie’s latest single, “Breakup On The Weekend”, here.

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