Andrew Cassara is back with his new single, “Better Off”

Andrew Cassara shows he’s “Better Off” & Moving On with his dancy new single

Ottawa, ON-based pop artist, Andrew Cassara has unveiled his infectiously groovy song about moving on and letting go, “Better Off.”

Taking his international sound to new heights, Cassara seamlessly blends hints of disco with bright splashes of funk on “Better Off” to reinvigorate the pop music genre while breaking from convention.

Cassara’s inspiration for the sound of “Better Off” didn’t come from any particular artist, “the feel and direction of the song was inspired by my fans in Latin America that have been so supportive.” Cassara would develop a universal kinship with the people of Mexico, where an established fan base — some who even went to greet him at the airport — provided Cassara with the means for a small tour across the country.

Mexico’s passionate energy would provide all the motivation to create “Better Off” once Cassara returned home.

“When I got in the studio, these thoughts inspired me for the overall feel for the melody and production that I wanted to add to this record as a thank you to the fans for their ongoing support.”

The rhythmic synergy of “Better Off” is only matched by the kinetic vocal performance delivered by Cassara, who fearlessly embeds messages of perseverance and self-love in the playfully deep lyrics.

Listen to “Better Off” below, and find out more about Andrew Cassara via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! I’m ANDREW CASSARA, a Canadian recording artist from Ottawa, Ontario!

You’ve been featured on Canadian Beats before, but since then, you’ve grown in audience big time, especially in Latin America. Why do you think it happened in Mexico to make the connection to you?

I actually don’t even know what happened with Latin America! We just started getting some streams, and before you know it, we ended up working with an agency in Mexico City and got a small media tour there. We landed in Mexico last October to fans greeting us at the airport. It was pretty amazing. Sometimes certain markets just embrace you, and that seems to be what happened. Music is a universal language, and I’m just so grateful that people from Latin America are listening!!!

What’s the one thing you love about living in Ottawa?

Ottawa is a clean city with a lot of culture. For a government town, we have a lot of music festivals and an amazing focus on Canadian culture. That’s probably what I love the most!!

Since you love dance music, you get to play DJ at a club for one night only. What’s the first song you play, and why?

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. You can’t sit when this song plays…..he’s one of my favourite artists….it would be that or a Maroon 5 track!!

What’s the one album by a Canadian artist that everyone should have in their collection?

After hours by the Weekend. This is a great record! But also Freak On Repeat by ANDREW CASSARA!! LOL

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