Sarah Siddiqui shares on her new EP, Show Me

Sarah Siddiqui is back with her first new EP since 2018

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter, Sarah Siddiqui is no stranger to the Canadian music scene. With 27 years of diverse experience in the music industry, her main genre of music is Alt-Folk-Pop, although she’s not scared to branch out into Rock, World, and Electronica at times.

Sarah recently unveiled her new EP, Show Me, which features four tracks. Show Me follows her last album, No More Waiting Rooms, which was self-produced and released in 2018.

When it comes to Show Me, the EP was written and produced by Sarah and is now available on all music platforms.

Listen to Show Me below, and find out more about Sarah Siddiqui via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m an established Singer-Songwriter/Producer with 27 years of experience. I’ve been playing live in Toronto since 1995. There’s a lot to unpack! I’ve also showcased in NYC/LA and a few parts of Canada. I have had 14 Official Releases since 2000 (Including EP’s/Albums/Singles). My main genre is Alt-Folk-Pop, but sometimes I branch out into electronica, world, and rock. I’m also a member of ACTRA, Toronto Actor’s Union. I have songs placed in both feature Films/TV. I’ve also worked as an actor (Special Skills Guitarist & Non-Speaking Features) for numerous film productions for over 25 years simultaneously. My biggest opportunity in film was in 2001, cast as “guitarist” in feature film “Death To Smoochy”, Directed by Danny DeVito, and starring Robin Williams, and Edward Norton. I got to work with these amazing actors at the CBC Studios for a couple of weeks straight. I’m also the daughter of Acclaimed Poet Laureate of Urdu Peace Poetry, Syeda Nuzat Siddiqui. My fraternal twin sister, Zahra Siddiqui, is an Acclaimed Mixed Media Artist.

You have unveiled your new EP, Show Me, what was the writing process like for this release?

These songs were initially set for release for my last album but decided it was best to put these songs out separately. The EP highlights my Alt-Pop influences as well as the Folk aspect in terms of storytelling. The songs came out at once for me, I treasure those moments when the lyrics and music just come together without much effort and thinking.

On top of the EP release, you shared a new single, “Emerald Sea”, which features your mother, Syeda Nuzhat Siddiqui. How was the experience of working with your mother on the track?

It was exciting to feature her Urdu Poetry, not to mention again that she’s an International Poet Laureate! I’m so lucky to be her daughter…she’s inspired and nurtured my art my whole life. I wrote the verses in English and because it was a “World” song, it felt right to sing in Urdu with her selected poetry which connected to the meaning of my lyrics. “Emerald Sea” is indeed a collaboration as well with Indo Canadian Slide Project, featuring a full cast of some of Canada’s best Slide & Acoustic Guitarists, and also featuring Indian Hindustani Slide Guitarist, Rhitom Sarkar.

The EP follows your 2018 album, No More Waiting Rooms, how would you say your sound has changed since that release?

I feel my sound has become more intimate, more free, and even more vulnerable. I’m always striving to dig deeper from within as an artist.

What’s next for you in 2022?

My main focus is promoting my new EP, and playing shows again! On top of that, I’m writing my next ep so that’s exciting.

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