Colour Tongues – Review

Artist: Colour Tongues
Album: Midnight Island
Release Date: May 19, 2022
Genre: Indie rock, Dream pop

With their debut album out this spring, Vancouver’s Colour Tongues are off to a great start in their discography. Midnight Island is vivaciously pensive, poppish, and rocking, making for one fun listen.

The album is ubiquitously upbeat and melodic, shifting between high-energy tracks like “Control” and more chill numbers such as “Wasted,” which collectively create a sort of dreamy indie rock vibe that can be a smidge quicker and heavier in places. That sound is built on tone-setting rhythms as notable in the introduction and verses of “Nothing Happens,” along with buoyant riffs and licks like the guitar solo in the bridge of “Fire.” Vocal pop hooks abound as well, beginning as early as the catchy first chorus of the opening title track, while lyrically, there is a conceptual focus on love throughout. Naturally, this also includes an element of nostalgia. “Ashgrove,” as a prime example, is apt to make listeners recall with fondness certain days of carefree youth.

Without a doubt, Midnight Island has a lot of heart and energy behind it, and it is just the kind of music to generate some feel-good times. Colour Tongues have landed on an enjoyable style here. Please, keep it up!

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